AI voice user interview agents

Not enough time and resources for user interviews? Let your custom AI interviewers conduct 1:1 voice calls with countless users at scale—with 10x deeper insights than surveys.

🧐 No expert user research methods or skills required

UserCall AI interviewers are fine tuned and trained with expert user and UX research and human centered design methods—to ask relevant follow-up questions to uncover deep customer needs while minimizing bias

Features Image
Features Image

🎤 High quality customer insights without time or resource constraints

Run hundreds of user interviews at scale while providing 10x deeper qualitative insights than surveys with smart follow up questions to uncover deep insights.

✅ Never worry about not asking the right questions

Simply add a few learning goals and any specific questions—so you get to deep-seated and actionable insights to improve your product and business.

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Features Image

💡 Save time & effort extracting key actionable insights.

Get conversation highlights and summaries with key actionable insights across all your recorded and transcribed voice conversations

🚀 High converting branded interview links

No need manage & schedule calls. Share a link to your AI interviewer with your users with a custom branded link or via an embeddable widget—that your users can engage with anytime.

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Use Cases

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Continuous  Feedback & Product Discovery

Understand specific pain points, Job-To-Be-Done and problems that your users face in an ongoing basis—to solve for critical needs and opportunities for new products and features
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Understand 'Why' behind your Metrics

Identify key UX & product issues and opportunities that provides clarity on why your metrics are not improving (on retention, conversion, usage..etc)
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Product & Team Alignment

Get answers to open questions and assumptions from your team on critical product elements—by talking to live users quickly an effectively.
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UX & Usability Testing

Uncover critical user experience issues and opportunities that impact your product retention, activation and conversion.
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Interview Participant Screening

Screen higher quality live or in-person interview participants with voice call screeners automatically conducted by AI
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Customer Satisfaction

Understand key reasons and issues behind your customer satisfaction score to improve by actually listening to what customers say.

Simple & flexible pricing

Start with Support and build your own custom solution or choose The Suite

Lite plan
or $699 yearly
Up to 12 call recordings per month
Max 9 minute interviews
Up to 2 interview links
Customizable interview questions and learning goals
Full call transcripts w/ summaries
Custom branded interview links
Customizable voices & languages
Purchasable additional recordings
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Core plan
or $1599 yearly
Up to 25 call recordings per month
Max 12 minute interviews
Up to 5 interview links
Custom LLM model options
Outbound phone calling option (at additional cost)
Plus everything in Lite plan
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Enterprise plan
Custom seats
Custom call minutes per month
Custom call time limits
Custom integrations & features
Plus everything in Core plan
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How do UserCall's AI user interview agents work? 🎙️


UserCall's AI-powered moderating agents operate by implementing user research methods and human-centered design principles. In practical terms, this means that they moderate voice calls, probe with relevant follow-up questions, and consequently foster a deeper understanding of the goals, motivations and needs of users  while minimizing bias.

What kind of follow-up questions can the AI agent ask during interviews? 🧐


UserCall can ask pertinent follow-up questions that are derived from the user responses to uncover specific pain points, job-to-be-done, underlying desires and user experience issues. These follow-up questions help to uncover deep, valuable insights about customer needs which are crucial for product and business development and improvement.

How does UserCall minimize bias in interviews? ✅


UserCall minimizes bias in interviews by applying training that avoids leading or suggestive prompts while formulating questions. This approach ensures the neutrality of follow-up enquiries, and ensures a more objective understanding of user responses based on facts and past experiences than purely subjective opinions.

What is the process of setting up UserCall link for voice user interviews? ⚙️


To set up UserCall link for AI voice user interviews, you just need to enter some basic details about the product, brand and any learning goals and questions for the AI agent to follow. Once this step is completed, UserCall can conduct the interviews at scale and provide you with conversation summaries, audio transcripts and user insights to apply to improve your product's desirability.

How do I share the AI interviewer link to my users? 🔗


Just like a survey link, you can share your branded link in any place where your users interact with you the most. That could be in emails, on your app or website, social media..etc. If you are concerned about getting enough conversions of users who complete the interview, you can provide simple incentives like free credits, gift cards and other benefits that might best suit them.

Is this meant to replace user interviews or surveys? 📝


Not necessarily. Real human to human user interviews will always be one the most powerful ways to gain insights from your customers. And surveys are great for more  quantitative studies. Usercall is meant to provide a fast and easy way to get deep user feedback at the countless scale of surveys but 10x deeper insights—so your team can learn and iterate more quickly and frequently.

Can the agent speak in other languages or personalities? 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇳🇪🇸🇵🇹🇬🇧🇧🇷


Yes. We can customize your AI agent to speak a specific language or accent(ndi, German, Spanish, Portugese, English with dozens of accents..etc) as well as allow you to choose from hundreds of AI voices and personalities. Contact us for details.